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Principles of the Associations Activities

The association for the elderly in Eshkol, Neve Eshkol, is located in the heart of the Eshkol Regional Council. In terms of area this is one of Israel's largest regional councils. The council lies in the western Negev and shares a sixty kilometer border with the Gaza Strip. Eshkol thus constitutes part of the first line of settlement opposite Gaza. This is an area of Israel often referred to as the Gaza envelope. The Council has about 2100 veteran citizens who range in age -along the entire continuum of old age. Living in an area with a problematic security border presents economic and security challenges that require a community with a high degree of resilience.

The elderly living in this area, along with the rest of the population, often face hostile acts; for example Qassam rockets, terrorist tunnels and lately incendiary kites and balloons setting fire to the fields and wilderness preserves. These are just part of the complex problems that can harm the welfare of the elderly.

The association has been active for twenty years as the professional central body in the Eshkol Regional  Council providing solutions of welfare and leisure to the elderly in the community. The association believes in promoting and maintaining a healthy old age and does everything in its power to strengthen social resilience and encourage action in the field. The following are part of Neve Eshkol’s activities:

Culture and Leisure Center - A selection of cultural programs (lectures, performances and concerts) that are held every week and are open to the public.

Eshkolot and Cathedra - annual / semi-annual study and intellectual- enrichment programs for youth pensioners and all young people in spirit if not in years.

"Dynamic" Gym - A fitness room that is adapted and accessible to the elderly community and combines mixed activities for adults of all ages.

Volunteer Center for the Elderly - The organization has about 100 volunteers who are an essential element in the facilitation of all the organization's functions.

Day care center for patients with all forms of dementia. It is the only facility serving this group in the area.

Professional counseling for patients with all forms of dementia and, most importantly for their families.  This framework enables professionals in the field of problems of the elderly to provide a response to individual problems.

Three supporting communities

Programs for Holocaust Survivors and Mofet Club for Holocaust Survivors - In this framework support is given on several levels including the full utilization of rights provided by the government and social programs including inter-generational activities through which the story of their lives is transmitted to the younger generation.

The  Golden Path (memory, pleasure, health) - an active and well-kept green garden that enables retirees to enjoy activities outside the building in the fresh air. Running through- the center of the garden is a "mental path" based on activities to preserve and improve memory and cognition skills. The garden provides the sort of activities that encourage an active and healthy old age.

Warm Homes

Intergenerational activities - collaborations with the elementary schools, regional secondary school, and the music school, as well as other educational framework t-hroughout the year, producing high quality and diverse programs which create an open and genuine dialogue between generations.

A sympathetic ear

Areas in development and construction:

A rehabilitation center that will provide a solution for the preservation and improvement physical functions,

Employment center and guidance for young pensioners.

The association works in full cooperation with the institutions of the Eshkol Regional Council out of the belief that addressing the needs of the elderly person should be holistic and encompass all aspects of life. The elderly person is the center of our attention out of a desire to contribute to the building of a healthy resilient community.


For more information and donations: yulia sabo 050-4269079 [email protected]