The Day Care Center for the elderly was established in 1997 by the Association for the Old, with the help of the Eshkol Regional Council.
 This is the only center in the area.
The Center has approximately 120 members; about 80 members join the activities on a daily basis.
Services provided include: occupational activities, personal care, classes, cultural programs and outings, indoor gym and more. The Center also provides services for those who need nursing care.
The Center operates 5 days a week, throughout the year​.
What does the membership of the Day Care Center include?
1. Meals - Breakfast, warm lunchand drinks. 
2. Diverse group activities - mosaic, painting, ceramics, crafts, choir, computers, gardening, etc.
3. Exercise - healthy exercise, tai chi, memory preservationexercise, brain path, gym.
4. Social Activity –Monthly and weekly meetings on a range of subjects, games and more.
5. Cultural activities – such as celebration of Holidays, history of Israel classes, meetings on Rabbinic thought, literature, Hebrew language class, concerts and lectures.
6. Holocaust survivors - special programs in "Neve Eshkol" and in the community,which include utilizing survivor's rights.
7. Professional staff – a team of professionals accompanyeach member according to his needs.
8. Transportation
Membership of the "Neve Eshkol" Day Care Center
The Day Care Center is one of the cornerstones services of "Neve Eshkol". We endeavor to provide the widest possible array of services to our senior population.
How much does it cost?
For members entitled to social security: payment on the basis of an individual plan.
For members entitled to support from the ministry of social affairs exists a special arrangement, please consult the Day Care Center's social worker.
Ms. Efrat Kipnis: 972-8-9987519
Holocaust survivors receive financial participation of the Claims Conference.
Day Care Center members are entitled to participate in all activities without additional charge.
The Day Care Center manager - Ms. Dina Peleg
Social worker - Ms. Efrat Kipnis
Secretary of the association - Ms. Nira Boniel

Emergency phones

Police: 100
Magen David Adom: 101
Fire Fighters: 102
Security: 08-9929154
Nikki (Head security officer): 057-8127760
Desk Eshkol - for all (security) issues: 08-9966333
Emergency phones in Neve Eshkol
Dina Peleg: 054-7919068 (Director)
Zehava Popper: 052-3575207 (Assistant Director)
For details and contact:
Phone: 972-8-9987519
Fax: 972-8-9987519520
שעות פעילות:
ימים א'-ה'
08:30 - 15:30
clock, clock, time, schedule
כתובת למשלוח דואר:
העמותה למען הזקן באשכול
ד.נ.נגב 8546500
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טלפון: 08-9987521/19
פקס: 08-9987520

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