"Neve Eshkol" is an interdisciplinary center of social and cultural activities for seniors. This frame work allows active participation in all activities offered.  
The seniors who frequent "Neve Eshkol" are the pioneers who established the country and dedicated their lives to the development of the Negev. Many of their children and grandchildren participate in different capacities.
"Neve Eshkol" provides a home for several Regional institutions: 
Both the Regional Choir and the Negev Theatre rehearse and perform in "Neve Eshkol", they also participate in our events. 
Other "Neve Eshkol" events are enriched by performances of music school students, school choirs and the Negev orchestra. 

The cultural meetings provide additional ties with the younger generations and we actively encourage these programs and opportunities.
Representatives of other regional institutions, such as schools, and from the field of arts and music, are involved in yearly events:
Opening of the Year Program
"Rikmat Shir" (embroidered poetry)
Concerts of Chamber music and ethnic music
Holidays and New Jewish Month gatherings
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ימים א'-ה'
08:30 - 15:30
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ד.נ.נגב 8546500
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טלפון: 08-9987521/19
פקס: 08-9987520
ל: nirab@neveshkol.org.il 

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