Neve Eshkol is involved in many of the services for Holocaust survivors living in Eshkol. There are about 200 Holocaust survivors living in our Regional Council. Currently, Neve Eshkol and the regional Department for Social Services are in touch with 90% of the survivors of our Region. 

Many survivors participate in Club Eshkolot and between 50 and 100 come to special activities for Holocaust survivors, among which Café Europa/ Britannia, theatre, documenting life stories, outings, literature and music. Some of our programming reaches out to survivors in their communities and their home.
 About 150 survivors in Eshkol subscribe to the Neve Eshkol Supportive Community, a service that includes a distress button to a medical response centre, phone contact, home visits and social activities.  About 35 survivors attend our Daycare Center. Survivors are often affected in many aspects of life. One of our special volunteers gives assistance in receiving financial rights and benefits. 
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