'Eshkolot' is a social club with a rich program of lectures, for example on Judaism, philosophy, national security and army, archeology, geography, history, cinema, opera and other arts. We organize concerts, performances and outings for pleasure and for study.

Programming - in the morning and the late afternoon - aligns with hours of public transportation for maximum accessibility.

Eshkolot is financed by its members; 16 of the region's communities pay a community fee for its senior citizens. This subscription allows all members of the community to attend the programs in Neve Eshkol. Outings are for a fee. This membership program is very attractive and every year more kibbutzim and moshavim join Eshkolot.

We believe that our senior citizens deserve the best, and we bring the best programs to the country's periphery

We invite you to join us and would like
to see you in Eshkolot!
Yulia Sabo: 050-4269079 | Email: yuliasabo@gmail.com
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ימים א'-ה'
08:30 - 15:30
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העמותה למען הזקן באשכול
ד.נ.נגב 8546500
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טלפון: 08-9987521/19
פקס: 08-9987520
ל: nirab@neveshkol.org.il 

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