"The brain is like a muscle that can be trained"

What is Brain Path?
Brain Path is a walking path with signs that invite you to practice movements that trigger the body and affect the brain.
Each exercise is accompanied by an explanation of the impact and unique contribution to strengthening, preservation and enhancement of capabilities.
The various exercises influence on: 
Blood flow to the brain
Energy and alertness
Learning ability
Overall memory and short-term
Thinking and finding solutions
Focus and concentration
Stimulate creativity
And bring relaxation and stress reductio
Brain Training belongs to daily life such as physical fitness training"
The brain path exercises are a great opportunity to train the brain in the fresh air with pleasure. Obviously one round is not enough.
You should train at least three times a week and always start your workout with a big glass of water." 

 "Monica Koenig, the developer of "Brain Path - 

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